My darling Healer, Divine Warrior, Father and Creator of my heart and flesh,

I come before your very gates asking, seeking and knocking for entrance in Your courts of understanding and grace.

My Wonder and Counselor! In You alone, I find great peace and joy – You are the very core to ALL that pours out of me – You are the Victory in my veins, the power and love I have is a direct reflection of Your love, glory and reign over my life. What shall we do? What can we not conquer in this place of still waters and abundant harvest? You are the Anchor, to my spirit, my heart and my flesh  – Your love overwhelms my simple understanding – For who can fully understand the vast greatness of Your love? Who can say that they have tasted and seen THE Lord? Yet you reveal Yourself, and I fully embrace, invite, accept and receive your full measure. There are no words high enough to express what it is, no song beautiful enough to emulate its beauty, power and depth.

“I AM.” I hear you proclaim!

You seek me, you pour yourself out for me and I am undone. You have opened my eyes and revealed Yourself over and over- Oh Lover of my soul! My Darling BrideGroom, When shall we run away together? Take me to hidden places and reveal Your wisdom, insight, perception and discernment. Jesus, I ask to be blessed with supernatural understanding and wisdom – That my heart would rest in the expanse of ALL You have to teach me. Lord, patience and merciful grace I bless You with as I ask You to bless me in return. Let my life reveal truth, honor, beauty and Your glory through Your joy in Your Darling Sister & Bride – Who shall separate our love? Who shall conquer us in unity, peace and love rooted in Your love? What foe can come against us in defeat? None. For there is none like You. Father, remain for me, my steadfast Champion, My Divine Warrior. Holy Spirit, bless You to intercede for us, that the promise I have heard would come to pass- YES, in humility but also gratitude for all You have done and all yet to be revealed – to be so justified by Your Mighty Power, to be so claimed, so utterly revealed – Lord, let my feet not stumble, but remain rooted in You, with supernatural strength, divinity and nobility.

Lord, let my heart not be discouraged in waiting, but fully developed in truth. Your Word delights my being- Your Living Flesh brings such joy, understanding and depth in You. Your reveal Yourself again and I am in awe. I worship You. My Lord, My God! Let the earth tremble and the mountains ROAR at the sound of Your name. Breath of Life, breathe in me a new heart, an opened mind and attentive ears to listen and obey.

Father, You are the Cornerstone, the builders rejected and dare I be so Bold? to have felt empathy with You in this? Where is my place? Where is our home? Our resting place? Where is the spot I may fit, planned and intentionally designed to serve You? Favor! Creativity! Wisdom! Truth! Depth! Understanding! Insight! Beauty! Reign! I hear You my Father, courage! Destiny! All from the power of a Word spoken. You declare me as Wild Fire – Set me ablaze, in the shadow of Your glory, I remain ever forward toward the goal. More than our dreams, more than You have promised, I ask Father for it to be poured out, on earth as it is in heaven. Have I passed the test? Have we not won the race, finished and declared to Your glory, everlasting, eternal Father? Bless the path before me to be filled overflowing, with Your fruit, Your vast and more than we can imagine grace, provision and power. You are able. You never fail. You are Shalom! God of Peace, Ruler, Authority and Power- You give ALL. Might it please You to now bless Your Darling Daughter to be entrusted with such vast blessings? For surely – You who promised such gifts delight in Your perfect timing; Delight and take ALL joy in giving.

Jesus, Brother and Beautiful Outlaw, You alone withstood the test. Where I have failed, often, You have saved me too numerous to count! Over and over, Your heart carried my guilt, shame and fear- I know this small promise is nothing compared to the Glory of what You have already done – smaller than a mustard seed – is this thing I ask. To Your glory, for Your pleasure & for the delight and pleasure Your bride finds in You, the restoration of ALL things, and a display of Your Authority over my life, decalre Your blood, Your provision and Your Faithfulness over our house, for all generations within our line – to the thousandth generation. I bless You Father for Your Faithfulness, Your Consistency- Your Love. Jesus, such power in Your name – for in You love was made complete and given a new heart. For it is Love that truly is the greatest of them all. Stretch Your hand, my Loving Sire, Bless You to give this seed of hope restored, new life given. You are my Redeemer, my Lover, my Author. My name is written in Your book and on the streets of Heaven, I was made to love you, loving and serving ALL you bring before me. Prepare the horses! Send oil and flour -NO, prepare the banquet hall! For this week, we feast with You in the glory of heavens display. Jesus, prepare the wine and we will do as You say- For THIS is a time of great gladness, a time of Reign, Yours, is the glory eternal. You have woken me from my slumber, from the death of this world. From the walking dead You have repurpoed, redefined and reshaped my very life. You did not awaken me to lose faith in the reality of this world, but to awaken with great vigor and passion the Love that Your people have forgotten. Rise within me Jesus- For the tomb is EMPTY and we have great work to do together, You and I with our Father.

Holy Spirit, knock, ask and seek favor in this – to more than I could ever imagine, intercede for my LoverKing, Show me again, how much I have yet to learn, delight in me Oh Lord.

Forgive the longing and desire to be so set and secure in Your provision, forgive the desire and passion to be so free, with You, as it is in heaven. Search my heart! Search my every intention and the core of my being. I am in constant amazement at how You have formed me – For You knew me and called me out, forming my innermost parts in the secret places of this earth. Fearfully and Wonderfully You have made me to be a life giver to any and all who believe in You. Rest, You give me in abundance. Light Yoke, You place as a crown over my head, for my heart is shielded by Your Faith and through Your Love. You alone, my Darling Redeemer, deliver me from the fires and enemies that threaten to overtake me. I will not fear, for You are with me. You are my Rod and my Staff. You are my Great Redeemer and my Comfort. You alone, Rise, making all things possible. In Your love, I am made righteous and worthy.

Worthy! Worthy! Worthy! is the name of THE God MOST High.

Holy! Holy! Holy! You are.

Father I lay all petition, all requests at Your cross for Your victory. In complete unity I agree with Your “Yes! and Amen!” declaring through Jesus power all that I have asked. Let Your blood wash over me, renewing and revealing Your glory in Your Word, let them see You and You alone in Your faithfulness and provision.

…and Papa. Run away with me to Florida, because why not. Let us finish this task, the writing and completion of my first novel, so that we may move Ever Forward and step fully into the plan You have given that is for the good of my future. Your plan, Your way and our work together. I know we can finish this, stronger than we began. I am with You, and I am for You. Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit, open the heavens and let Your glory reign down, let me be with you in agreement, be with me as I have asked, that the timing would honor and please You, that I am not asking outside of You, Your time, but with You as it has already been finished, as You have been at work and continue to work in unity of body and spirit, with one flesh. Reign over me. Crown me with splendor. Your bride eagerly anticipates these great days and years of joy, planting and reaping fruit within the kingdom. Papa, bless my husband in these adventures to be so fulfilled and remade in Your image, on earth, as it is in heaven, let Your kingdom come. Let us do this great work together and redefine Love through Your lens. Whatever You ask, to where ever You may lead, Your people will be my people. I long and desire to obey you, my King. I receive great pleasure and delight in looking ever forward, Praise You God, for the treasures you shall yet reveal and blessings within the kingdom. I look, animatedly, passionately, wildly for you to reveal how possible ALL things are and how greatly You work together for the GOOD and Glory to those who believe in You, to those who accept and receive You.

I am so humbled, You blow my mind. You give me such unending delight. I am sincerely excited to finish this book with You. truly grateful, for Your revelations, the renewal  of my mind, my thoughts around Ever Forward. Thank you, for refueling the pain, renewing the weakness and being stronger than any stronghold. Defender of the weak, Lion to the lamb, You are Healer, Father, Divine Warrior, Mercy, Ancient of Days, thank you my Darling Love for leading the way. You know what I need, You know and love me so well, how I yearn to partner and refuel through the overabundance of Your eternal Love. Thank you, for letting that chemistry multiply in the season of drought. Bloom for me, my Love and show me the glory of the desert in the light of mornings dawn, for the rain has ceased, death is gone and hope is in You alone. Rise, my Lover, Your bride awaits. Come and claim what is and always has been Your design and pleasure.

In Jesus name, through His great love, search my heart Oh Lord, receive my Praise, Love and adoration for Who You are, my King and my joy, surround me in Your peace and never ever let me go. Remain in me, as I remain in Your love.

Your Darling and Radiant, bride.

Descendant and daughter of David & Jesus’ co-heir, citizen of heaven.

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