This is important, my Darling, I need your full attention.

Jesus was the sacrifice. He was the living truth, embodied in man, fully born and fully vetted into the service of His father, he cheated nothing and felt everything. I used to wonder, Lord what I wouldn’t love for a sneak-peek into his daily journals while on earth, why did others write the story when He lived it and could have written it the best…

Head smack.

He did write it, His Living Word is his heart and his history with man (HIS- STORY, history) written for our understanding.. Not a single word is out of place. Not a single author, story or space wasted, nor chosen at random, but every word, every truth, is written for us, His great love letter for those left searching for Him. I may be seeing too much into this, I did just watch the original Star Wars Trilogy for the first time ever… that’s right, 3-0 is more than just finally being allowed to be free, it also includes watching movies that are on a very long list my husband is literally keeping in his Asana task list for us to get through. But if we get back on track for a moment, some of the most intense stories of my personal testimony come at a time when I was questioning myself, my spirit and my own “force” and Holy Spirit living within me.

But, perhaps because of the Force and this universal theme we see throughout various kingdoms and lands… stories over and over again where love must be the most important and critical item to sacrifice, because it delivers the most power.

Luke Skywalker needs to lay down his weapon, his source of physical power, in order to offer the least resistance, and his full love to his father in order to save his father.

Anna must sacrifice herself so that LOVE could thaw a broken heart and save her sister.

Harry Potter must go, still a child, laying down his wand and offer himself, for good, to evil, to be destroyed; ironically the same power that saved him, his mothers sacrifice, is now the same life bearing gift that lifts the curse while vanquishing the enemy.

I guess I just see it differently today, where he was the body, we are the heart. That’s why its so critical to get our hearts in order, with our Spirits. Active Holy Spirit living in a dead body with a heart half-alive, is not living saved, redeemed, found… it’s forgetting to put the helmet of salvation on, for sure. But living with our hearts restored, in complete healing allows us to see others differently, view their problems with more ease and offer ourselves, what love we do posses, because we are the heart. He was the body, the sacrifice, the death and the resurrection. We get to be life, with his heart and his spirit. As you remain in him, so he too will remain, patiently guiding, guarding and repurposing your life, reshaping it, in only how he can, for his glory. 

Your story matters.

It sounds ridiculous that a sister with no power, could save an entire kingdom without a single weapon. But it also sounds ridiculous that a child born in a manger, was sent to rule and restore the earth, a child with no throne, no kingdom but that is where we have been deceived too long friends.  Love often destroys in reaction, in defense.. But Love is a weapon. People use love, as a weapon, but remember, if Love has burnt you, it was not Love, but the person behind the action, claiming love. We must learn to distinguish earthly, worldly love, with that of Jesus’ definition of love that possesses truth, always hopes and always perseveres. His love endures all, gives all and restores all. 

Remain today, faithful friends, in His love, not your experience of love. What a difference this will make as you move, Ever Forward. 



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