Thank you. You have continued to bring me people from your kingdom, people that need a word, healing, people to help build me and encourage me along. Your ways are indeed mysterious. I love enjoying this part of you, the mystery of your nature and yet how constant and faithful you remain, despite my unknowing.

Daddy are we there yet? You have made yourself, your very spirit and flesh known to me. I bask in the delight and pleasure your presence brings. I would wait a thousand years for the glory and pleasure of your time. Burn in me, a new fire, a new creation. Open the floodgates Daddy, flow from your heart and speak a word in my favor.

My God, My Author, The very creator of my Spirit, with all gifts and skills you have given me Lord. You made the heavens and the skies, the stars and every solar system with a word. You formed me, dirt, flesh and spirit to call me into your world, your throne and your heritage. You deny me nothing, but give all, so that in all, you may be glorified. There are no limits, no bounds and no end to your faithfulness, your glory and your restoration. Even for one alone, You are faithful. Even for one alone, You are a seeker and a finder. Even for one alone, You sent your son to die. Your ways are unfathomable, the way you continue to pursue us, in our unknowing. In our deceit, before we even recognize or know what we are doing, you reconcile us back to your glory. IF the entire world lost faith, you would surrender all again, for that one. Thank you Jesus, for fulfilling the vow, the promise and the crucifixion, the word, the letter and the law. Thank you for leaving us your love and asking us to remain in your love, above all else, remaining in you, in Your love and in Your understanding, you bring us life, when we were dead. You bring us hope, when all else fails. And When all Fails, You continue to love us. You remain in us, whether or not we choose to remain in you. You choose us, even when we choose not to remember You, your faithfulness and your goodness.

Who can stop THE Lord almighty?

Though it cost all I have, I will remember your goodness as I continue to seek you. I give all willingly and joyfully back to the Father for how gracious and how bountiful he has given to me, generously withholding nothing, generously redeeming all that I cannot see.

Jesus, would you take my cause? Would you plead my great cause with our father? You gave your life, to give me life. How much more will you give, when I come to you, thankful, worshipful and with all petition for your goodness to be fully revealed? Jesus would you free me to your side? Would you show me your glory? Would you remake me again? In death, let me rise to you. Through death, only You deliver me and break every chain. Jesus, any chain that you see affixed to my foothold, I give you all authority, all glory, all power to release, renew, redeem and remold me back to your thoughts, your ways and your glory. Would your beauty, the mystery of your time, impress a peace within my heart and a mark of favor through your flesh that draws me, ever to you?

You are my greatest treasure. My greatest Joy. My One True Kinsman Redeemer.

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