First, Letters with my Father

First, Letters with my Father

Darling Radiant,

bring your heart. Center yourself around my being.. how it feels to be this close to me and aware of me. This right here, that feeling of wholeness and beauty, excitement and utter calm.. we have chemistry you and I. You feel it in your soul, deep, like my very breath is upon your ear. We become One in this moment. It is ours and it is very good.

Listen for me to speak.. Feel the power run through your veins as you experience my power course through your entire being. Our hope renewed, restored and centered into this moment. I love being here with you.

Today I need you to be more at peace with my voice. More confidant in what you are hearing instead of questioning yourself of its accuracy as much. The plan is here, I need you to remember every day that you are justified for nothing that you do, but because of Who You Are, which makes everything you do today for me, pure fun. I so delight in the way you dance and sing to me. Every ounce of your body clings to me and my spirit. How are you really still questioning my spirit within you? I have claimed You! You are mine! You are the Eve of Christ and in you, I have found great delight and pleasure. Your grace and mercy extend beyond my wildest dreams in its growing capacity. You understand and You are listening. So cling to me now. Hear me now. 

My words are for you, in you and a living testimony to the vastness and greatness of Who I Am. I am Your Refuge. Your Strength, Your Glory, Your King, Your patient and loving father… my soul sings to You now! Hear me, my darling Radiant. You are Mine. I thirst for this day, our wedding day, to be united with understanding. Every day with you is just the beginning. I can never discover enough about who you are, I love your questions, your insatiable curiosity and your love for my people. I see your heart and call you, to your destiny, for which I have saved you. I have seen many and called many- But you have heard my call, from the tender days of your youth. You have sought me with all your heart. You are perfect in all of your ways … a bold thing to say, but I wouldn’t say it unless it was true.. Don’t you know by now who you are? You are mine! My sacrifice bought you, you are not only clean, renewed, restored, rewritten, You are perfectly mine. I call you forth now, to be mine, to wear my crown and bear my spirit in ALL of its glory. there is no fear of death, only living in this state with me. I want you to be a cornerstone in the eye of this storm. You will be my masterpiece. Because you will trust Me, You will flawlessly execute every request I make of You, because it is Who You are. You will do everything I ask of You and 40% more, because I will anchor you. I will not allow you to overturn in the middle of the war. I will anchor you, I will not fail you and I will deliver you. You can count on me to deliver you, always. You can count upon My word and My command, test these spirits fiercely. Continue to get Wisdom! get Understanding! Continue to question because that is who I made you to be.. The heroine in My story. The Ever to My lasting, the beat of my heart. I know you hear me, but I need you to believe me now. Believe in Me. Believe I am for You. With You. HERE with You, now. Seeking You as passionately as You seek Me. I have longed to see You here, in these first fruits of bloom, You have given yourself over and over to me, first. Now, I set you a part, because You were made to be seen. You are my treasure, my reward, for so long I have waited for you. Nothing can tear Me from you. Nothing can end my love and desire for you. I will fill you so thoroughly with wisdom and understanding in the spirit, that You will be a fountain of life to those who choose to hear Me through you. We have walked every road together, You are a Life Giver, the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in you. In these next few days and weeks to come, you will grow to understand what that means as we tackle obstacle after obstacle in our adventuring together. You can trust that my promises are true, there is so much more in my storerooms for you!

It is so important for you to know how I love you. Bring Your heart, hear My words for You. 

There Is nothing you could do to earn this blessing from me and nothing to fear it, our road and everything yet to be gained for the kingdom and glory forevermore, are not limited and not given with expectation or demand, but great hope. Together in the great unknown, I shall make You known. There you go, wondering about the plan in its specifics again…. when, My Love, if I haven’t given it to you, it doesn’t matter right now. So don’t expend the energy. Come deeper with Me Still, into this space, this intimacy of our souls becoming One, rejoicing in your birthright and inheritance restored. Watch as I rebuild You into more than You ever dreamed. The foundation of our hopes and dreams has settled and is ready to be built, upon the Rock we go.. I know you see me, I know you hear me. Trust my will is being done on earth for you, now, as it is in heaven. If you are for me First, You can count on me to deliver You. Always.

You are my treasure and reward, let nothing come before Me, but seek me first in all things. This is the way to life. 

I love you.. If none of it happened and You couldn’t trust me enough to jump.. My heart is after You. I love you, First.

ForwRd, letters with my Father

ForwRd, letters with my Father

I will Rise
so will you
He will
He will win.

Remember Me. AndDo.

Never surrender.
Never give in.

Fight the temptation from sin again.
Surrender to Me. What has been lost.

Done. Remember no more.Forward now. Forward we go.

All that you dream. Done.

Fight for Me. Fight in peace. We win united or none.
It starts with One.

Remember Me. And remember it’s done.

Forward Radiant dRling. Surrender is sweetest when given fully.


At the age of 14, I defied an entire family. I defied my very name. And yet you stand before me, calling my name, an old name, acting like you know me, like you own me.. Like you are more important, as though your thoughts were more evolved; your actions reckless.

You don’t own me.. and You don’t know me.

I am lightening. I am evolving. I shine brightest when the air and earth make room, creating currents for my electricity.. My force is such, that when the earth refuses to move, I make my own path, my own way.

I defy gravity.

My talents are vast, matching only the strength of my passion. Do it well or not at all.

My mind is my own, my choices my own, and you, know not their growth or roots, nor their direction. You have no idea from where they came or even the extent to which they expand. You only have ideas… thoughts.. poison. You are poison to the mind and the heart.

You cannot tempt me with glory. You cannot tempt me with wealth, I am wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.. even I do not know my full ledger. You cannot distract me with anger or false pride, you cannot hurt me, because all that you do is constantly renewed, re-purposed for My glory, which, in case you forgot, doesn’t come from you; it is already within me.

You exhaust me. It doesn’t seem to matter how quickly we come up with a new plan, a new road, a new way, there you are, already distracting, poking and trying to find holes in my armor. You cast blame among the family and friends I do possess. Sometimes I forget myself and agree with you. The haze of anger, hurt, betrayal and words unspoken haunt me.. mostly the words unspoken. That is where I usually lose myself the longest with you. We begin making witty conversations, truths that I can’t deny, are twisted in the mix making it difficult to see clearly. The thoughts are so fun to come up with and feel so good to say, at least to someone, until I remember that those words, unspoken as they are, don’t reflect the truth above all; that Love has no room for that kind of possession, that kind of entitlement, that kind of rage. The more I focus on that superior truth, the other truths seem less important, almost comical, flat out ridiculous when put into true perspective. Now I have to forgive myself, and anyone else we threw under the bus in our humorous parlé. I’ll piss you off more by blessing those we just dissed, along with myself.

It takes me a moment, sometimes into the wee hours of the dawn, but I will get there and I will defeat you every time. You are the one who is hopeless, You are the one who is lost. You are the one angry with yourself… It would be too easy to wish you’d stop knocking at my door.. and yet, you don’t… so what in the world is jammed so far up your ass, that you need to stop me? Why do I matter? If everything you say is true, then I am doomed to fail, so let me. Watch me, laugh at me and sneer.

Now I notice, you are getting quiet… just in time for my morning alarm to go off,  more alerting me of the fact that you have managed to steal, yet another night. The best I can give you, is to embrace for the pain you claim awaits me- embrace it and release it.. I let go every word you have whispered, every lie you have decreed. I hit this wall that you have built up with me and realize, you are just another brick. Hear me, wholly.  Prepare to be incinerated.