I want to run… run as fast as I can and into the arms of the Father. I want Him to catch me and hold me and give me the peace that I find, in His arms. Lately, this place of refuge has been an Old Friend; the beach and waves that come crashing down, in their own rhythm and their own way, they raise their voice and sing praises to the Creator and Inventor of Life. Their overtly loud noise is just what I need… something louder than me, louder than the crying out of my heart, louder than the accusations ringing fresh in my ears.. these waves, were made to comfort me, to rise and fall and show me how it is possible to rise and fall, retreat and advance, in His perfect time.

His Glory Reigns people.. it is all around us. His Love, perfected through time, is redefined over and over again.. How silly our little human minds see a stone and say “it must be a stone!” when God says, “it is bread… take and eat”. If we believe what we see, we will see a stone… but if we believe truly, what he says about us, we will take and eat.. knowing that our very Good Father, will surely, NOT let us grind our teeth to bits on the hard stone, but that in fact, it will become our very Source and Wellspring of life-sustaining nourishment.

Much the same, Does the wave of the ocean, travel all around the world, hoping and searching for life, for a home, for it’s people, for adventure, just to finally reach a shore and then know it’s death will be in it’s last adventure? No, for it will be renewed, pulled back and set to travel again. Over and Over again, the water goes forth in a leap of faith, to die to itself and live the life it was meant to live… as the ocean. It is vast, far-reaching and endless in its ways, its mysteries and its life purpose. We see water… we see terrifying storms, we see waves in epic proportion that can produce lighthearted joy or terrifying dread, when in fact, it is not without purpose, without reason. I know of only One Man, who ever set out in that dark paradise and found peace and calm, despite all the potential fear that could be lurking, despite the storms that raged… How annoying to be enjoying the sure rocking of a ship, the lullaby of the creaking wood threatening to splinter and the ease of allowing yourself to relax into the storm, let it lull you to sleep as gently as a mother sings to her child and rocks her baby; to have something bigger than yourself given and then to have a bunch of whinny men come and beg you to stop it… to STOP the adventure????????????? No… He wasn’t annoyed with them… he was robbed of his joy for the storm and the adventure were to reflect His Father’s joy and fierce protection and love, shown in multitudes, demonstrated for us, but truly, for HIM, to know he was on the right path. Confirmation. Affirmation, Hope and greatness.. they all await… Not all men can travel the path, but for those who dare to hope, dare to trust, dare to believe, the adventure is truly worth seeking. Be a wave today… let yourself fear death and dive anyway, just to see how thoroughly Loved you are, in His grace, that He will not let you fall, without first snatching you back and setting you firmly rooted on your feet. He is a jealous God… as surely as I need something bigger than me, He knows and provides.. as surely as I wish to run to the beach and find solace in it’s comfort, I know, I will not be without today. Greater is He who is in me, than that of this world. It’s the kind of power and belief that will move mountains… move doors to open when they are locked shut. Nothing is without reason… keep your Heart open Dear Saints… it is the only way to live and love. When your heart is open, it doesn’t matter how the storm rages, because You will be able to calm it.

One thought on “Open Heart, Calm Seas

  1. Beautifully written as always, Shameless. Your ability to take the written word and paint such a vivid picture always leaves me in awe. How do you step out into the waves, even rooted firmly in faith, and not fear drowning? Not fear that you will be swept away, lost and forgotten?


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